Wexner for the arts

Wexner center is a part of the Ohio‘s university, at the moment there are 3 exhibitions:
The first is The Clock by Christian Marclay which is an editing composed of black & white and color extracts of movies showing different times to last 24 hours.
The second is Towards A Light Club by the artist Josiah McElheny who explores the history of modernist utopians ideas in the concept of art as a social experience. She uses combiting glasses, mirrors, projections, lights and the audience interaction to create on immersive cinematic environment.
Finally, the last exhibition, More American Photographs, shows the Great Depression by contemporary and former American photographs. The photographs taken in the past year reflect the diverse impacts of the current financial down turn, capturing both rural and urban America and speaking to issues of migration, gentrification, environmental negligence and multiculturalism.
The arts are really important to Columbus, it is a big part of the economic activity and generate 8,500 jobs. This town attracts a lot of tourists and conventioneers, the arts are visible in shops, restaurants, homes and walkways adding color and liveliness. This is a non-formal ways that cross economic and cultural lines, and build trust, acceptance and creativity.



P. Rochard & P. Couroyer.


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