Ohio Historical Center


On friday, we made a tour of the Ohio Historical Center. This museum was divided in some exhibits, like “Controversy 2 : Pieces we don’t talk”, which was about different objects, like a poem written in dialect, or a nazi flag, and we had to tell what comes in mind with this object. These objects were all stereotypes. Here you can see a child’s toy bowling set with ethnic caricature bowling pins.




The second exhibit was called “Ohio : Centuries of Change”. It chronicled the Ohio
history from frontier days to the 1970’s. The majority was about the agricultural and
industrial progress.



But there was also a place about children, with old clothes and old toys.




On this picture, we can see an old doll. During the 18s century, the children didn’t have
a lot distractions but they had some toys, like this doll, which they can play with. The
toys were very expensive, so it was the children who were from a rich family who can have this chance.



From the left to the right, you can see the servant, the master and his wife, during the 18s century.


The last exhibit we visited was called “Following in Ancient Footsteps”, which was about
the cultures of ancient people of Ohio. We saw how they lived, which objects they used, their culture in general.




C. Grancher, M. Roland, & C. Hauguel.


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