Kelton House

The Kelton House was built in 1852 by Fernando Cortez Kelton and his wife, Sofia Stane  Kelton. Fernando became the first businessman in Columbus to supply dry goods and pharmaceuticals on a wholesale basis. His family maintained the home through three generations preserving both the building and some object trace of the nineteenth century life. The house had a secret, it participate at the Underground Railroad.

The Kelton House gives us a good example of the nineteenth century rich family life style. The house own precious object such as a sofa in mane of horses and as French and Chinese porcelain cup…

 We can see some Kelton member’s portrait.

We also know that the Kelton could stay 2 hours on the table which was a sign of wealth.

However we can see that he occupant left in a salvage society because of the roundabout of some house object.

The Kelton House took part in the Underground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad is actually not an underground railroad but a name given, underground has several meanings. In this case, it means that the state dosen’t know about a certain activity , which means that what they do is illegal.

The railroad part comes from the fact that the slaves who escape to Canada, stayed at peoples house at day, and that those houses was used like train stations. 

The Underground Railroad was an illegal activity where Americans helped slaves to escape to Canada.1





P. Darsonville, T. Lechevalier, & M. Rimbert.


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