Civil War

The Civil War tore the USA in two during 4 years, from 1861 to 1865. The North, or the Union, fought against the South, called Confederation.

Here are their flags:

Image The Confederation

Image The Union

The leader of the North was Abraham Lincoln, president elected of the USA, and he was opposed to Jefferson Davis.

The reason of this war was the slavery which the North wanted to abolish in all the country (in the south, it was still allowed). The most famous commandant of the North was an Ohioan, Ulysses S. Grant. He won capital battles for the control of the Mississippi, like Fort Donelson, the siege of Vicksburg or the battle of Appamatox, the last, the victory battle. But other generals won this war: Sherman, Stanton, Farragut and Porter.

His most famous enemy was Robert E. Lee, helped by Benjamin, Johnston, Tatnall and Semmes

The war ended on the 9th April 1865, on the defeat of the south. The slavery was abolished but Lincoln has been murdered by a South’s partisan.


C. Ferchaud, C. Feldman, & T. Grèlety.


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