Daily Life



« It’s too small, isn’t it ? »

USA is the Kingdom of Eating-Too-Much. Big fridges, big cupboards… Big hamburgers, big sizes of beakers. Everything here is too BIG. Even if the sizes are huge, it doesn’t prevent the American to eat several meals in the same lunch. Why ? Because it’s really cheap !

– Here, water is not considerate as something to sell, that’s why most of the time it’s free. Why drinking water when you can drink unlimited soda ?






(A corridor at Bishop Watterson)

« Yes you can »

– In France, you learn very early that the world won’t be easy. Here, everything encourages you to make all your craziest dreams come true.

– The timetable is really different compared to the French school. Lessons begin at 8 in the homeroom were students pray and recite the pledge. Next, there are lessons of 45 minutes from 8.15 to 12. There is no break. After the lunch, lessons are from 12.30 to 3.30 pm. Even the way to teach and the students’ behavior are different than in France.


P. Desfrançois & E. Couture.







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