Basketball game St Francis De Sales/Bishop Watterson February 15th

Basketball in the U.S is very popular. That’s why every school has a team. One of the most important struggles is Bishop Watterson H.S vs De Sales H.S.

During the game Watterson led all the time, but De Sales scored a few goals. At the end Watterson won 58-33. Now these two teams play in the same championship and since 1962 they played against each other and the results are tights because on 107 games De Sales won 53 times and Watterson won 55 times. So between these two schools there is a big rivalry.

During the game, supporters were very enthusiastic : there were singing and dancing. By the way De Sales did a very funny harlem shake ( on the field.

That was a great game and all St Jo’s students had fun. We watched to good fields goals and dunks.


P. Lambert, M. Browang, E. Gemptel, & M. Juette


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